Club Rules 

Brighstone Reading Room and Social Club Rules 

1. The Name of the Club: Shall be "The Brighstone Reading Rooms and Social Club". 

2. Objects of the Club: To provide social amenities and recreational facilities for its members, and those of other associated Registered Clubs to play Billiards, Snooker, Petanque and Darts. 

3. Governing Body: Shall consist of the Brighstone Reading Rooms and Social Club Governing Committee and the President, who shall be an exofficio member. Five members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

 4. Election of the Committee: Shall be undertaken annually. Nominations (proposed and seconded) to reach the Secretary not later than seven days prior to the AGM. 

5. Committee Meetings: Shall be held at regular intervals on dates and times to be notified by the Secretary. 

6. Annual General Meeting: Shall be held within 28 days following the end of the financial year (31st March). A minimum of 14 days’ notice to be given to all members. Voting shall be confined to members only, including those of temporary status, all having equal voting rights. The Annual Statement of Accounts to be submitted for approval and open to members' inspection. 

7. Extraordinary General Meeting: Shall be convened at any time, subject to the discretion of the Committee, or by written application to the Secretary by eight members stating the purpose and reasons for the calling of such a meeting, for which a minimum of 14 days advance notice must be given. Voting shall be as for Rule 6. 

8. Membership: Shall consist of the following categories: 

8a. Full Members: Persons aged 16 years and over. 

8b. Temporary Members: as in (a) above, but for a period not exceeding six months, subject to the approval of two Committee members. 

8c. Young Members: Persons aged 12 to 16 years may be admitted to membership for the playing of Snooker, Billiards or Petanque, provide they are nominated and seconded by full members. Subject to the restrictions in Rule 23 regarding use of the snooker tables, young members must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when on the Club premises. 

8d. Student Members: Persons over the age of 16 who are able to produce evidence that they are in full time education may be admitted to membership, subject to payment of the same annual subscription applicable to Young Members. 

8e. Honorary Life Members: As appointed by the Committee. 

8f. Trustee Members: Trustees of the Club premises who are not Members of the Club are to be Honorary Members for the duration of their period in office. 

8g. Affiliated Members: All the above categories of membership afford affiliated membership of Shorwell Club and paid-up members of Shorwell Club have affiliated membership of Brighstone Club. 8h. Guest Members: Members’ Guests will be permitted to visit the Club provided their names & addresses are entered into the Visitors Book, together with the name of the host member, and will be afforded all privileges of the club for the duration of that visit. 

9. Applications for Membership: Applications to be submitted on the appropriate form and displayed on the Notice Board for a minimum of seven days prior to consideration by the Committee. Applicants must be proposed and seconded by Members of at least one year’s standing and must agree to abide by these Rules.

 10. Acceptance of Membership: Applicants may be required to appear at the next meeting of the Committee, accompanied by the Proposer and/or the Seconder. The Committee will formally consider the application, following the introduction of the applicant by the Proposer and/or Seconder. Successful applicants will then be required to pay the appropriate joining fee and subscription to the Treasurer, after which, their membership will commence immediately. 

11. Suspension or Termination of Membership: The Committee shall have the authority to suspend or terminate membership arising from unsuitable conduct or involvement in wilful damage, the Member first having the opportunity to appear before the Committee to state his or her case. 

12. Joining Fees and Subscriptions: Shall be determined annually by the Committee and the proposals presented to the Annual General Meeting for approval, payment becoming due on 1st April each year. Nonpayment following a period of 28 days after the AGM will result in lapsed membership. 

13. Membership Register: A Register of Members' names and addresses to be maintained by the Secretary, and a copy made available in the Club in accordance with Licensing Regulations. Changes in address must be notified to the Secretary. 

14. Removed Dec 2023. 

15. Visiting Teams: Captains of Visiting Teams (Billiards, Snooker, Petanque or Darts) must, on arrival, be called upon to enter in the Visitors' Book details of their Club and the numbers attending. Persons over the age of 18 years shall be permitted to purchase intoxicating liquor on that day only. 

16. Opening Hours: Shall be as follows: Monday to Saturday inclusive - 08.00 to 24.00 hours Sunday - 11.00 to 16.00 hours The premises, including grounds, must not be used at any other times, including those times when hired to outside groups. 

17. Permitted Licensing Hours: Shall be as follows: Monday to Saturday inclusive - 11.00 to 24.00 hours* Sunday - 12.00 to 22.30 hours (* N.B. Normal closing time for the bar will be no later than 23.00 hours, but for occasional events, such as Xmas, Quiz nights or other Social Evenings, the later time may be used. On those occasions, Club Opening Hours will be extended to 00.30 on the following day.) No persons, including Members, may purchase from the Club intoxicating liquor for consumption off the premises. The Committee shall be responsible for the purchase and sale of excisable goods and intoxicating liquor. No person under the age of 18 years will be permitted to purchase intoxicating liquor at any time. No alcoholic drinks may be consumed on Club premises unless purchased from the Bar. 

18. Private Hire by Outside Groups: In conformity with the ruling of the Charity Commissioners, the premises are to be made available for hire at the discretion of the Trustees and the Committee. The Hirer shall have priority in the facilities for the duration of the hiring period, members may continue to use the Club provided they do not interfere with the activity of the hirer and have agreed that their presence does not affect Health, Safety and Wellbeing. 

19. Property of the Club: All moneys and property of the Club, together with any profitable gains arising from the activities of the Club shall be held or otherwise applied for the benefit of the Club as a whole. 

20. Member's Property: Member's property left on the premises is at the owner's risk. 

21. Owners of Dogs: Dogs are permitted on the premises but restricted to the Bar area only. Owners of potentially dangerous or aggressive animals must comply with any request from a Committee Member to remove such a dog or dogs. 

22. Smoking: Smoking within the building is NOT permitted during Club opening hours. Smokers may use the rear garden area. 

23. Use of Snooker Tables: The coin operated table lighting must be used at all times during play. Young persons aged 12 to 16 years, when accompanied by a parent or guardian member, will be permitted to use the tables at all reasonable times. Responsibility for their conduct whilst on the premises, including care of the tables, will be entirely that of the parent or guardian. 

24. Amendments to the Rules: These Rules may be amended or repealed, and new Rules added by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, for which fourteen days’ notice shall be given. These amended Rules were adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 1st Dec 2023, and have immediate effect thereafter







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